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Is heavy gauging stamping causing excessive noise and vibrations?

You could be damaging your equipment!

Breakthrough shock is a serious problem for industrial presses. Also referred to as reverse load, snap through shock, and negative tonnage, the effects of this shock painfully heard with every punch and felt in excessive press vibration. The resulting impact leads to a host of issues, ranging from noise, vibrations, fatigue cracks, to untimely press failure.

Hydraulic dampers stop the shock and abate the risk of tool and equipment damage brought on by breakthrough shock.

Our free eBook, Stop the Shock addresses the problems of breakthrough shock or reverse load, and details how W-Tech dampers provide a highly effective and beneficial solution to prevent these issues.

This guide includes the following topics:

  • Long Term & Costly Effects of Shock Breakthrough
  • Hydraulic Shock Dampers as a Solution
  • How Shock Dampers Work
  • The W-Tech Shock Damper Difference
  • Shock Dampers in Action
Guide to Stop the Shock

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