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Case Studies

Dampers Built To Last Indefinitely

ln 2004, a customer is Northwest, Indiana, purchased (4) H50 W-Technologies hydraulic dampers, as part of a turnkey operation to preserve the life and efficiency of a new press. Thirteen years later, in 2017, the customer requested a quote for a complete rebuild due to the normal wear of the seals...

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Noise Level Reduction on Presses

A manufacturer of steel food storage tanks was experiencing high noise levels while running its hydraulic press. The sound outputted from the process was recorded at 105 decibels. At this level serious hearing damage can occur...

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Solving Excessive Vibration Due to Break Through Shock

W-Technologies was approached by a Tier 1 manufacturer who manufacturers security systems for the automotive industry. A part of their process involved a complex die which created excessive vibration due to break through shock. The company reached...

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Effectively Decreasing Reverse Tonnage

A tier 1 automotive supplier was experiencing a serious issue with reverse tonnage. Their Komatsu 2000 ton press had reverse tonnage of 312 tons resulting in increased press wear and...

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Reverse Tonnage Problems Solved

A manufacturer of musical equipment in the mid-west approached W-Technologies when facing issues with their 300 ton mechanical press. This press had the reverse load capacity of 30 tons...

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