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Case Study: We Mean It When We Say, “W-Tech Dampers Are Built To Last”

Recently we received an order for a rebuild kit of wearable components. The dampers that this particular customer is rebuilding were originally purchased in 1998. Of course these dampers have been rebuilt numerous times, but the core components are still in working order.

We thought this would be a good time to review W-Technologies, Inc. Shock Damper Construction.

Our hydraulic shock dampers are extra heavy duty short stroke hydraulic rams with special internal flow passages to restrict exiting hydraulic fluid during the rapid acceleration experience at the point of breakthrough in blanking operations. In order to understand the detailed features of these unique hydraulic cylinders we have prepared the following detailed description of the major cylinder components:


The cylinder body is a heavy wall seamless tube. The cylinder wall thickness of every W-Technologies Shock Damper is engineered to provide a service factor of two. This results in low internal hoop stress and infinite fatigue life.


The cylinder piston is machined from a solid AISI-1045 forged bar that has been induction hardened to improve surface physical properties and impact strength. The rams are precisioned ground and chrome plated for wear resistance and long sealed life.


W-Technologies Hydraulic Shock Dampers are assembled with a removable seal gland which contains a non metallic piston guide bearing and all static and dynamic sealing elements. This separate seal gland allows W-Technologies cylinders to be “rebuilt” an infinite number of times without costly replacement of major cylinder components. All static O-Ring seals are provided with nylon backup rings to further enhance the ability of the cylinder to absorb high pressure shock without O-Ring extrusion. A PTFE impregnated wear band is assembled within the inside surface of the gland to provide a close tolerance guide for the piston. Above the wear band is a low friction polymer monoseal that has been engineered for two million press cycles. The gland also incorporates a ram rod wiper to exclude dirt and stamping lubricants.


The cylinder base is machined from a solid steel plate and incorporates the principles of a hydraulic manifold to control the flow of hydraulic fluid into and out of the cylinder body. In order to optimize cylinder performance for both hydraulic and mechanical presses the cylinder base plate incorporates the following components:

  • High Capacity Check Valve
  • Over Pressure Release Valve
  • Flow Control and Fixed Orifice

Depending upon cylinder capacity the base plate may be machined with multiple cartridge inserts of each of the above components.

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