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Standard Hydraulic Shock Damper Construction

W-Technologies Hydraulic Dampers are the most versatile hydraulic shock dampers in the industry. Click here to read more about the four features offered only by W-Technologies.

  • Self-contained unit. The hydraulic reservoir is attached directly to the manifold. The manifold also serves as the base of the unit.
  • If cooling is required, an aluminum cooling plate will be built into the reservoir. All that is required is chilled water
  • The internal pressure can be changed with a 3/16” hex head wrench in a matter of minutes. When used in conjunction with load monitoring systems, the needle valve will allow the die set up team or press operator to minimize the reverse load (shock) for each application.
  • Can change the fixed orifice without disassembly of the damper. The fixed orifice is sized to match the speed characteristics of the press during normal cycling time. Simply changing the fixed orifice allows the dampers to be moved to a faster press.

As a result of technology, W-Technologies Hydraulic Dampers can be moved from press to press as easy as tooling. Without disassembling the damper, the tonnage and the speed can be adjusted to optimize the efficiency and versatility.

When cooling the hydraulic oil is required, the attached reservoir is modified with internal aluminum cold plates which allow cold water to be circulated through the reservoir from an external supply.

The implementation of W-Technologies custom hydraulic shock dampers has led to substantial noise reduction on a variety of presses. Contact us today to learn more!

Hydraulic Shock Damper Construction

Site gauge is actually located on the rear of the reservoir, but for ease of viewing, it’s shifted to the right.

Made in USA W-Technologies Hydraulic Shock Dampers