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How to Determine if your Hydraulic Dampers will Require a Cooling System

Removing heat build up in the hydraulic oil is critical in some blanking applications. Excessive heat will “cook” the damper’s seals, which eventually leads to leaks.

The risks associated with excessive heat can be alleviated by installing dampers with a cooling system.

Three factors affect the heating of hydraulic oil:

  1. The stroke length of the damper
  2. Strokes Per Minute (SPM) the press is running
  3. The internal pressure of the damper

You can reduce heat by changing any one of these factors, or any combination of.

The stroke length is set by using shims or striker plates. The shortest stroke possible, is material thickness plus a preload. The preload varies with the size of the damper.

Reducing the SPM does decrease heat build up, but it also reduces production.

Adjusting the internal pressure on W-Tech dampers can be done in the matter of minutes a 3/16” hex head wrench.

The Damper Piston Pressure Calculation Chart below shows the internal pressure converted to reverse load capacity (tons). Note: W-Tech is the only damper manufacturer that offers internal pressure adjustments.

Damper Piston Pressure Calculation:

Pressure (PSI) H35 H50 H70 H100 H125 H150
1000 8 Tons 10 Tons 14 Tons 22 Tons 25 Tons 32 Tons
2000 16 Tons 20 Tons 28 Tons 44 Tons 50 Tons 64 Tons
3000 24 Tons 30 Tons 42 Tons 66 Tons 75 Tons 96 Tons
4000 32 Tons 40 Tons 56 Tons 88 Tons 100 Tons 128 Tons
5000 40 Tons 50 Tons 70 Tons 110 Tons 125 Tons 160 Tons

The chart below is a Heat Chart for our Model H70 (70 ton). (If you require a heat chart for a different model, please contact us.)

(Click the chart to enlarge.)

Chart demonstrating damper heat generation

The graph on the left shows heat generated by damper pressure. The graph on the right shows heat generated by SPM. Reducing either one of these will allow the damper to run cooler.

Referring to the two charts, you can determine if you need a cooling system.

Example 1: Running (40) 3/16” strokes would require a cooling system. (see graph on the left). However, if you ran at 4,000 PSI (56 tons See “Damper Piston Pressure Calculation”). A cooling system would not be required.

Example 2: (See graph on the right). Running (30) SPM at 5,000 PSI (70 tons) you could run a 7/32” stroke without a cooling system.

W-Tech cooling system W-Tech Dampers also offers a unique advantage:

Unlike other cooling systems, W-Tech’s cooling system has been designed so that it can be installed with ZERO floor space. (see picture).

If you require any additional information or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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