Stop the SHOCK with W-Technologies Hydraulic Shock Dampers

W-Technologies Hydraulic Dampers designs and builds a line of standard hydraulic shock dampers that when installed in blanking process can eliminate the break through shock. Need a Solution for Press Noise Reduction?

Our shock dampers are designed to provide a counter pressure force, upward, at the moment of part breakthrough. Properly sized and adjusted, our shock dampers will eliminate the reverse load or tonnage during blanking. They will also allow you to increase your blanking capacity (tonnage) on each press that has dampers.


To estimate the reverse load (break through shock) your press is experiencing, you can use this quick and online simple calculator.

Reverse Load Factor Calculator

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Made in USA

7 Reasons to Buy Shock Dampers


Dramatic reduction in noise & vibration


Enhanced tooling life (3 to 5 times longer)


Reduced press failure and extended press life


Improves operators ergonomics


Will allow press to be off center loaded


Increase blanking tonnage capacity


Allows increased production speed

Backed by our 100% Guarantee

We back our products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If the hydraulic dampers do not meet the customer satisfaction, all financial obligation is cancelled and returned.

Something You Should Know About Hydraulic Shock:

Through the course of a day your press undergoes a substantial amount of stress, we have come up with a modern solution to reduce wear and tear to a bare minimum.

Find out more in our "How It Works" section and view our presentation below.

Advantages of Hydraulic Shock Dampers

W-Tech Shock Damper Unique Features

  • Relief Valve and Flow Control

    Easier setup and reduced down times.

    The unique external flow control/needle valve is used to adjust the internal pressure. This allows for increasing or decreasing resistance translating into dampers which can work with a greater tonnage range.

  • Pressure Gauge Test Port

    Get it right the first time

    Don’t waste time running your press to test and then adjust again. Test it right way with the Pressure Gauge Test Port, which can be removed and plugged after setting to desired pressure.

  • Sight Gauge

    Know what is going on right now

    The Sight Gauge indicates hydraulic fluid level and temperature so you can react before anything happens.


Stop the Shock

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