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Hydraulic Shock Dampers - Dramatic Reduction in Noise and Vibration

Every year 22 million workers risk losing their hearing from workplace noise.*

Hearing loss disability cost businesses an estimated $242 million annually in Workers Compensation.*

Using W-Technologies Hydraulic Dampers in your presses can reduce both NOISE and vibration.

When properly sized, hydraulic shock dampers will reduce noise and vibration developed in hydraulic or mechanical presses.

In punching and blanking operations the tonnage load in the press frames builds as the male punch contacts and penetrates the material. This tonnage deflects the side frames and/or tie rods in tension until the material fractures; instantaneously (<20 ms) releasing all of the energy stored in the frames causing the slide to surge downward uncontrolled.

This condition is known as "Break-Through" or "reversal" and generates the severe shock and noise noted in punching and blanking operations.

*September 2017 issue of “The Fabricator"

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