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After 24 Years of Service, W-Tech Damper is Rebuilt to Perform Like New

Just how long do W-Tech hydraulic shock dampers last? We have a recent example from the field that will give you a pretty good idea, but it is actually just the beginning of the story.

After 24 years of service, (4) W-Tech hydraulic shock dampers was sent in for a complete rebuild. This involves replacement of all wearable components, while the damper’s core elements remain in dependable working order.

W-Tech Dampers - Superior by Design

Heavy Wall Seamless Tube Cylinder Body - The cylinder wall thickness of every W-Tech Shock Damper is engineered to provide a service factor of two, providing low internal hoop stress and infinite fatigue life.

Solid AISI-1045 Cylinder Piston - The piston is machined from a solid AISI-1045 forged bar that has been induction hardened to improve surface physical properties and impact strength. Rams are precision ground and chrome plated for wear resistance and long life.

Static and Dynamic Sealing Elements - Dampers are assembled with a removable seal gland that has a non-metallic piston guide bearing. This separate seal gland allows the cylinders to be rebuilt without expensive replacement of major cylinder components.

Solid Steel Cylinder Base Cap - The solid steel base is machined to incorporate the principles of hydraulic manifold flow control of hydraulic fluid into and out of the piston body. For optimal performance with both hydraulic and mechanical presses, the cylinder base plate incorporates the following components: Which are all replaceable.

  • High Capacity Check Valve
  • Over Pressure Release Valve
  • Flow Control and Fixed Orifice

Customer Benefits Lower Cost and Shorter Lead Time with W-Tech Rebuild

W-Tech hydraulic shock damper rebuilds are done for a fraction of the cost of a new damper with a much shorter lead time. This particular customer was so pleased, they sent us a P.O. to rebuild four H100 (100-ton) dampers that were manufactured over 20 years ago. The process will have the benefit of like-new dampers without the downtime and expense of new equipment.

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Made in USA W-Technologies Hydraulic Shock Dampers After 24 Years of Service, W-Tech Damper is Rebuilt to Perform Like New Download to learn more about our 24-year-old hydraulic damper rebuild!