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Case Study: Reverse Tonnage Problems Solved

A manufacturer of musical equipment in the mid-west approached W-Technologies when facing issues with their 300 ton mechanical press. This press had the reverse load capacity of 30 tons. However, with the forward tonnage of 145 tons they we’re experiencing reverse tonnage of 42 tons. This means they were exceeding the press manufacturer's suggested reverse load factor of 10% of the forward capacity. This caused concern for the customer and they asked W-Technologies for help lowering the reverse tonnage to 20 tons or below.

After our review of the situation, we recommended two H35 dampers for a total capacity of 70 tons. Since all W-Technologies’ dampers have our unique external pressure control, each damper was adjusted on-site in a matter of minutes. By adjusting the internal pressure to 2500 PSI, the capacity was easily adjusted to 20 tons per damper. Overall, this made implementation easy and now allows our customer to make future changes in tonnage requirements. The new set up eliminated over 90% of the reverse load. Our customer said that everything was, “up and running” and that they were, “very satisfied”

Our customer was so pleased with the results they came back and purchased two H12 dampers, with a total capacity 24 tons, for their 90 ton hydraulic press brake.

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