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Case Study: Solving Excessive Vibration Due to Break Through Shock

W-Technologies was approached by a Tier 1 manufacturer who manufacturers security systems for the automotive industry. A part of their process involved a complex die which created excessive vibration due to break through shock. The company reached out to W-Technologies for help.

The company was using a six station die which formed and blanked the part. The press was automated and was being fed from right to left and running 40+ SPM. After assessing the customers needs, W-Technologies set out to provide the correct hydraulic shock dampers. They decided to use two W-Tech model H50 dampers with a cooling system. These dampers feature an external adjustment (capable of altering the internal pressure), a combined oil level site and temperature gauge. As well as a complete cooling system that requires minimal floor space.

The W- Technologies’ H50 dampers successfully reduced reverse tonnage by over 67%, and increased SPM from 45 to 50.

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