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Customer Seeks Extended Tool Life, Reduced Shock & Noise

W-Technologies received a customer Request for Quote, which read in part, “Looking to quiet our press down and make the die tool last longer”. We assured this customer that we could help them achieve both objectives.

Our hydraulic shock dampers provide the ideal solution for enhancing tool life. When properly sized in a press, our dampers can extend tool life by 3 to 5 times. The tight tooling punch and die shear clearances required for optimal edge quality requires close gib-guiding throughout the stroke. At the moment of fracture severe off center loading is developed that can cause punch/die contact wear or breakage. Our shock dampers capture the breakthrough energy, reducing tooling misalignment, tool wear and damage.

Properly sized hydraulic shock dampers will also reduce noise and vibration developed in hydraulic or mechanical presses. In punching and blanking operations, the tonnage load in the press frames builds as the male punch contacts and penetrates the material. This tonnage deflects the side frames and/or tie rods in tension until the material fractures, causing the slide to surge downward uncontrolled. Our shock dampers reduce the noise and shock by capturing breakthrough energy.

In this case, the customer’s PO included the following condition:

“This PO is void if the 30 day trial is not successful in increasing tool life and reducing shock and noise”.

This demand was not a problem for W-Tech, and in fact, we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

The customer has seen a significant increase in tool life as well as a major reduction in both shock and noise. As a result, after the 30 day trial period they issued a check. By increasing tool life, down time was also reduced and production was increased.

We call that a WIN-WIN!

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